Our Services

Behavioural patterns that lead to purchases require data,
interpretation & implementation. That’s what we do.

Analytics & Data Layer Configuration

What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed.

How can we possibly detect buyer patterns without the right data set?

Our initial phase is to assess whether your tracking is sufficient enough for conclusive results. If you sell extremely high ticket products as well as low ticket ones, understand the buyer signals will differ for both segments.

It’s important your analytics is configured to put these types of buyers into different buckets for us to understand where they’re tailing off and built a solution for it.

Out of the box Analytics is never enough. We ensure content grouping, referral exclusions, search tracking & custom events as sent into Google Analytics for us to better analyse our segments & built hypotheses to later test.

Hypothesis Validation & A/B/n Testing

Theory can only go so far.

Once the data is clearly suggesting a fix, we work with our behavioural experts and our UX designers to bring forward a simple yet effective solution able to address all the user frustration areas. 

We use PXL’s prioritisation framework to rank the importance of the experiments we run ensuring higher priority ones are run first to maximise returns in a short period of time.

We recommend 5-8 experiments a month with a sample size over 10,000 to ensure conclusive results. We measure up to 4 goals per experiment and usually (unless the sample size permits) show half the audience one variation and the other half the other allowing unbiased, conclusive results.

Personalisation & Unique Experiences

Parents & teens shop very differently, why offer them the same website experience?

Personalisation allows us to understand the user segment we’re dealing with and cater a unique experience to them. This means reorganising the products on the homepage, customising the colour scheme, changing the links – all of this allows an extremely optimal experience for each individual buyer.

If we’re running a PPC campaign and we’re pushing for data capture we can ensure the home page prompts data capture for the PPC buyer yet if we have organic traffic coming in we can re-prioritise our elements and ensure the product is displayed first together with more information about the company.

Personalisation relies heavily on large sets of data to be done properly, we recommend this mainly for enterprise (or similar).