Get an in-depth understanding of how GA4 works and the new event model

Learn the key differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics (former GA)

Discover where to find your favourite reports and metrics should be implemented

Create advanced reports including funnels, segments and cohort analyses

Understand how GA4 attributes users and how to compare attribution models

With Universal Analytics is being sunset in July 2023, GA4 needs to be adopted as a source of truth for business continuity 

Although GA4 is named Google Analytics, the tool holds virtually no similarities to it’s predecessor Universal Analytics. It’s imperative you ensure your organization is adopting GA4 ahead of the July cut off.

This workshop is right for you if…

  • You’re a digital or performance marketer that wants to increase your value within your department
  • You’re an analyst in charge of analyzing website performance
  • You’re a stakeholder looking to understand GA4’s user interface

Your Curriculum

Over a 3h live training with Nitesh you’ll cover many GA4 topics including:

Introduction to GA4 and its new features

Understanding the GA4 event model

Comparing GA4 and Universal Analytics (UA)

Navigating the GA4 user interface

Understand the Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization, Demographics and Tech reports

Creating advanced reports such as Funnels, User paths, Segments and Cohort analysis using Explore

Comparing attribution models including GA4’s data-driven model

You’ll also receive a copy of the slides, your personalised answer booklet and short GA4 videos covering the exercises done in the workshop! 

Meet your instructor: Nitesh Sharoff

GA4 packs great new features needed to interpret the ever changing landscape of user journeys and attribution.

Nitesh Sharoff has been in Analytics for more than 7+ years, he’s worked with General Assembly, Incubeta, Wagamama & more. Nitesh is the founder of Growth Runner and is a little obsessed with Analytics. 
Ask him anything about:

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Firebase Analytics

Adobe Analytics

What some of our attendees have to say


I was procrastinating the use of GA4 and had basically no idea where to start looking for and comparing relevant data. Thanks for showing me around and taking the time to explore the most important features with me. The exercises gave me the chance to practice during the workshop, which is the best way (for me) to learn and find my way around. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Nitesh!

Indira Singh
SEO Studio


Really insightful and helpful to have a full run through – made me understand GA4 miles from what I did previously. And puts me at ease and more confident now for when going over reports with clients.

Freya Sizeland
UP for Digital


Great session! Nitesh was brilliant at keeping the session engaging and interactive and making it easy to understand complex features.

Nahid Uddin
Stellar Search


Nitesh has a really fun & positive presentation style. The course content was presented well and I enjoyed the interactive elements of it. I’ve definitely learnt some valuable things for my dealings with GA4.

Anneli Jancek
UP for Digital

❤︎ Our Money-back Promise ❤︎

If you’re not satisfied in the first hour of your workshop,
we’ll provide you with a full refund – quibble free.


By the end of the session you will be clearer on:

  • How GA4 works and the new event model
  • The differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics (former GA)
  • Where relevant GA4 reports are located
  • How to create an advanced report (funnels, segments, cohort reports & more)
  • How GA4 tackles attribution
  • Where to find attribution comparison models

The workshop will last 3 hours, it’ll be very interactive so your full attention is appreciated!

We’ll have several short (5 or 10 minute) breaks during the session, you’ll be able to step away and grab a coffee or use the loo.

Over the years we’ve found the recorded session replays are hardly watched (given the long 3h duration), Instead of recording our sessions we send over short video snippets alongside the presentation filled with important learnings from the workshop – the feedback we’ve received so far is this is far more helpful.

Yes! We’ll send over a PDF with the slides 1-2 days after the session.

Sessions are interactive and you can ask questions at any time. Usually our instructors aim to end the session 15-20 minutes early and that time is used for Q&A. On the off chance we’re running behind and we end up skipping the Q&A, we’re always available by email to support. Feel free to email your instructor directly (they’ll share their email with you in the session).

Usually these are virtual workshops but we do offer in person workshops too, if your company has organised this for you, they’ll make it clear which one it’ll be. If not, it’s likely it will be a virtual workshop conducted through Google Meet.

We don’t currently provide you with a certificate of completion. On the off chance an employer needs to verify your credentials feel free to send them our way and we’ll send over a completion email confirming your attendance.

We believe in live trainings over self-serve videos. After the 3h live workshop, you’ll walk away with essential GA4 skills you can apply immediately to your account.

We allow a maximum of 8 attendees per workshop. This allows us all to have a great learning experience and freely ask questions.

If you cancel 48 hours before the session start date, you’ll receive a full refund. (This does not apply to corporate workshops)