Building user centric marketing strategies where your customer provides core data is where the money is. For that, you need to ensure you measure the right data.
-Nitesh Sharoff

What makes us different

Traditional marketing agencies focus on bringing you visitors. It’s important, but if visitors cost more than the profit you make, it isn’t a viable avenue.

Growth runner focuses on metrics that really matter to your business. Metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) & Net Profit.

How they do marketing

How we do growth

Our process

Using a process of rapid experimentation, we test until we get results. Then on, we scale campaigns to optimise your site for revenue.

Draw hypotheses from your analytics

Implement A/B experiments

Measure growth rate & scale solution

By diving into your data we’re able to isolate behavioural patterns that visibly shows purchase intent.

Using video recordings, heatmaps & online surveys we further understand if our conclusions have a viable testing ground.

Once the data supports the hypothesis, we set up a A/B test monitoring Add to Carts, clicks to our sections & multiple other insights.

A/B/n tests are set up allowing us to show different variations to a percentage of the site traffic. We’re monitoring several goals ranging for clicks, revenue & interaction.

All the data is computed using machine learning and we use statistical significance to determine whether the test is valid & worth implementing.

After extensive testing we implement the successful test into the live environment & monitor improved conversion rates for the buyer segments defined.

Over 3-6 months and testing 5-8 tests we see drastic increments into optimisation efforts & increased revenue because of it.

A few principles we’ve used

Aesthetic-Usability Effect

Paris Without Coffee Effect

Ambiguity Effect

Framing Effect

Loss Aversion

Pain of paying

Serial Position Effect

Von Restorff Effect

Some of our customers

For Heads Group we used behaviour techniques to motivate their workforce & refer higher caliber candidates into the business taking them to £4M revenue in 4 years.

Infruition had a product that revolutionised their industry. Within one year we achieved 3.57% conversion (versus their 1.2% – almost tripling their revenue)

Geared for vouchers, Mobileheads achieved 100k hits/day. We implemented our “Paris without Coffee Effect” and achieved $11,019 a month revenue.

AvLog Pro implemented analytics that show clear behaviour of their users and because of good data, their product velocity sped up 11x.

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