By the end of this workshop you’ll be able to:

Set up conversion tracking for Google Ads, the Facebook pixel or Google Analytics

Use Google Tag Manager to deploy 3rd party scripts like Hotjar on your website

Understand how Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce should be implemented

Harness the power of Tag Manager without the constant need of a developer

Okay, why all the “hoo-ha” around Google Tag Manager?

Marketing platforms such as Google Ads want to deliver better experiences to their customers. To achieve this, they require websites like yours to send them “signals”.
Signals are sent through tags, and tags inform platforms whether new users visiting your site had positive experiences or not.
Because marketing is ever changing, marketers need to configure & modify new tags quickly.
In the past we’d require developers to perform changes for us, but when you’re campaign launches in 2 days – the likelihood of developers dropping everything and helping out are slim to none.
So as marketers we’ve decided to take this into our own hands and manage these tags ourselves with platforms like Google Tag Manager. This is the new normal for 2020.

Google Tag Manager is an essential skill for technical marketers or Analysts

If you’re in digital marketing, knowing how to quickly tweak your Facebook Pixel, add a Google Ad tag or collect new data into Google Analytics is becoming crucial.

Demand for roles in this field have grown over 300% in the last 5 years.

This workshop is right for you if…

  • You’re a digital or performance marketer that wants to increase your value within your department
  • You’re an analyst who needs to collect more data to provide greater value insights
  • You enjoy getting practical with an instructor to support you with any questions
  • You’re tired of dealing with developers and constantly seeing your requests delayed or configured incorrectly
  • You want to upskill and make more money

This workshop if NOT for you if…

  • You’re convinced fax machines will surpass email popularity one day
  • You’re already an expert in Google Tag Manager
  • You’re reading this with a tin foil hat on to prevent Google from reading your thoughts

Your Curriculum & Pricing

Over a 3h live training with Nitesh you’ll cover a vast amount of topics for Google Tag Manager including:

An introduction to Tag Manager and why it’s essential today

A deep dive into Tags, Triggers & Variables

Learn to implement the Facebook Pixel

Implement Google Analytics (page views & events)

Setting up a Google Ad conversion tag

Understand the dataLayer & Enhanced eCommerce

Access to the best resources to carry on with your learning

You’ll also receive access to a GTM playground, a copy of the training material & access to our community to ask any GTM questions you may have in the future!

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Meet your instructor: Nitesh Sharoff

Google Tag Manager is almost a pre-requisite for effective data collection.

Nitesh Sharoff is the founder of Growth Runner and has worked with large eCommerce business such as VAHDAM TEAS, NET-A-PORTER & MR.PORTER helping build a strong data collection infrastructure using Google Tag Manager. 
Nitesh has been working with GTM since 2015 and has completed over 51+ Tag Manager & Google Analytics implementations for businesses around the globe.
He’s an international speaker on Growth and a guest instructor for General Assembly.
Ask him anything about:

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Firebase Analytics

Adobe Analytics

❤︎ Our Money-back Promise ❤︎

If you’re not satisfied in the first hour of your workshop,
we’ll provide you with a full refund – quibble free.

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